Ideation Studio

Most often, a single problem doesn’t have one solution, but many. We develop prototypes and experiment with new ideas to support our research and  promote meaningful choice.

Political footprints

Machine learning engine – April 2017

Political footprints are vector-based representations of a political discourse in which each vector represents a word. They are computed using machine learning technologies, which allows for more independent political analysis.

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New Habit & There for You

Mobile apps – June 2016



New Habit was a self-help app designed to make you think, featuring nuggets of wisdom from Experience Life, the U.S. health and fitness magazine. It’s sister app, There for You, was a game that encourages mutual help through questioning, launched in partnership with Healthy Minds Canada, a charity in the mental health and addictions space.

Read the post-mortem

Champions of the Shengha

Consultancy for Shift Design (London, UK) – January 2016

Champions of the Shengha is the world’s first Emotionally Responsive Game. Played with a wearable sensor it puts the player’s control of their emotions at the core of gameplay. This mindfulness training game is proven to help people regulate their emotions, reducing stress & anxiety.

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