We invite top-notch experts to share their analysis on a specific social,  technological, or political trend, and to discuss choices for the future.

Debates are organised in such a way that both panelists and the audience have the opportunity to expose their views. Our moderators ask the hard questions with the goal to disrupt prevailing narratives and to promote intellectual pluralism.

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Past events

The A.I. and Human Brain: Symbiosis or Zero-Sum Game?

Toronto, May 2017


Sponsor: Idea Couture

The Quantified Self: for a Worse or Better You?

London, UK, May 2017


What can Lawmakers Learn from Lean UX?

London (UK) and Toronto – November 2016

See the slides


In collaboration with: Legal Hackers Toronto

The Serendipity Engine – How to bring the unexpected online

London, UK – June 2016

  • Dr Eitan Buchalter, senior anthropologist at the global innovation consultancy Idea Couture where he specialises in the cultural factors that affect innovative behaviour.
  • Dr Stephann Makri, lecturer in Human-Computer Interaction at City University London and self-proclaimed ‘prince of serendip.’
  • Christophe Bruchansky (moderator), Plural’s founder, @bruchansky


Echo Chambers in Media and Social Networks

London, UK – February 2016

See the slides

  • Dr Ellen Helsper, Associate Professor at the Media and Communications Department of the London School of Economics and Political Science.
  • Christophe Bruchansky (moderator), Plural’s founder, @bruchansky


Sponsor: Westminster Reference Library


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