Become a member

To become a member, you need to contribute to at least one of our projects and demonstrate, through your own projects, your affinity with either critical, postmodern or continental schools of thoughts. Contributions include taking part in our events (as guest expert or organiser), our research, prototype developments, and online activities. We very much welcome suggestions for new research, projects, or events in your city.

If you’re interested, please use this form to explain your project or email us with a little description of yourself: contact -at- plural -dot- world.


Does Plural subscribe to an ideology? What’s your political affiliation?

Plural is not affiliated to any political party; it is committed to pluralism, and the necessary criticism of any power structure.

Concretely, all members must identify themselves with either pluralism, continental philosophy, critical theory, or postmodernism – we purposively keep it vague so that every member can bring their own interpretation. And they must follow the digressive approach when collaborating, which summarises the purpose of our projects.

We encourage the expression of any idea or personal opinion in our forums (events, social media, etc.), and we equally encourage their constructive criticism.

How are you founded? And who owns the work published on your website?

We are self-founded and rely mostly on volunteering. Work that is published on Plural is owned by their authors.

What are my obligations as a member?

Membership is free, but we require a minimum engagement from our members, which can include participation at our events, peer reviews, or research collaborations.