This is a plural world!

Plural is a Toronto and London based think tank and ideation studio.

Its mission is to promote pluralism and free will, through the organisation of debates, the conduct of research, the ideation of digital solutions, and the application of the digressive approach. A digression should be understood in the positive sense, it is deviating from any pre-established or expected discourse, and the exercising of one’s free will.

Plural is also a community of thinkers, entrepreneurs, and activists; a platform that brings together anyone pursuing a pluralistic agenda, either cultural, political, or economical. It was founded in 2015 by Christophe Bruchansky, activist and author of the Digressive Society book. 

Apply the digressive approach to your project

Digital Prospects

Digital Prospects is an ongoing series of debates organised both in London and Toronto. Each event focusses on a use of technology, how it could impact our future and options in life.

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The solution is plural

Most often, a single problem doesn’t have one solution, but many. People’ s needs are diverse, and require solutions that can complement one another.

Not all solutions are readily available though. Plurality would not exist if there were not mavericks inventing new lifestyles, and entrepreneurs building the solutions that come with them.

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Sounds interesting?

Give the digressive approach a try, and see if it can inform your project. Please use the following email address for any inquiries: contact -at- plural -dot- world.

Apply the digressive approach to your project


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