This is a plural world

Our mission is to put continental philosophy, postmodernism, and critical theory at the core of any vision for the 21st century. We think hard, experiment with new ideas and make practical recommendations on how to advance pluralism – and in particular plurality of thought – in culture, business, and political affairs.

We are a community of pluralists: researchers, activists, and entrepreneurs willing to digress from any prevailing narrative, and to promote choice wherever it can be.

So, what exactly is continental philosophy, postmodernism, and critical theory? Describing these school of thoughts would be impossible in such a short introduction. We will just refer to some of their most famous authors: Michel Foucault, Jürgen Habermas, Jean Baudrillard, and Gaston Bachelard.

Plural’s think tank was officially launched in 2017 and is not affiliated to any political party; it is committed to pluralism, and the necessary criticism of any power structure. Please follow us on social media, contact one of our members, or join us at our public events to know more about the organisation.


“The Normal is established as a principle of coercition in teaching with the introduction of a standardized education and the establishment of the écoles normales ; it is established in the effort to organize a national medical profession and a hospital system capable of operating general norms of health; it is established in the standardization of industrial processes and products” Michel Foucault – Discipline and Punish.

Our Members

Christophe Bruchansky
Founder, Toronto
Author of Digressive Society. Christophe believes that the best way to achieve a plural society is through a digressive approach. He is allergic to positivism.
Btihaj Ajana
Researcher, Aarhus (DK)
International scholar working in the field of digital culture, with expertise in the critical analysis of technological developments and their ethical implications.
Federca Lucivero
Researcher, London
Studied philosophy, learned social science methods, taught ethics: Federica asks questions on the relationships between new technologies and society.
Shane Saunderson
Author, Toronto
Robotics PhD Candidate at U of T and VP at Idea Couture. Shane pushes to make technology more human, while challenging humans to expect better from their technology.

Sounds interesting?

Please follow us on social media, let us know about your projects, or find out how to become a member. Our email is contact -at- plural -dot- world.

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